The second release from Todd Stapleton is a very dark and very bizarre ambient album. Spectre is four years in the making. Recording sessions started in 2013 utilizing electronics, samplers, percussions, synthesizers and piano. The result is a strange, cacaphonic collection of ambient noise, drones and textures.


1.  Spectre #1 (21:44)

2. Spectre #2 (30:44)

3. Spectre #3 (16:44)


The first 100 downloads via Bandcamp will receive a FREE download code for Spectre, Vol. 2, an EP featuring Spectre #4, Spectre #5 and Spectre #6.  

Spectre, Vol. 2 will be available beginning August 29, 2017. 

You can download Spectre here.


Todd Stapleton
PERSPECTIVES ÉLECTRONIQUES - Available For Free Download Beginning 07.17.2017

A new EP from Todd Stapleton will be available tomorrow. Perspectives Électroniques is a five-song project recorded in July, 2017, featuring a running time of 29:15.

Perspectives Électroniques will be available via FREE DOWNLOAD to members of the 21+ Recordings Email List who follow both the Facebook and Twitter pages of Todd Stapleton.

Tracklisting for Perspectives Électroniques:

  1. Sound (4:46)
  2. Silence (3:15)
  3. Focus (9:32)
  4. Perception (2:46)
  5. Listening (8:50)

Visit the Contact page for more details.

Perspectives Électroniques was recorded during the recording sessions for DRIFTS. More news to come on DRIFTS very soon. In the meantime, a video preview containing an clip from DRIFTS is available for viewing here.

Todd Stapleton

The debut release from Todd Stapleton has just been released. Two years in it's making, Requiem For A Dying Sea is a sprawling epic piece, comprised of beautifully crafted ambient layers of lush electronics, synthesizers and piano that coalesce into a seventy-five minute cascade of drones and electronic noise that resonate somewhere between minimalism and new age. 

Requiem For A Dying Sea is available exclusively through the 21+ Recordings Bandcamp site in digital format. It is the first in a series of three different releases from Todd StapletonSpectre is the second release, due out via 21+ on August 8, 2017. Spectre is comprised of three tracks and clocks in at just over sixty-nine minutes. September 25 will see the release of the third album from Todd StapletonResonance/Forms, which is comprised of twenty-four tracks.

There will be much more to come in the very near future. 

Click the button below to purchase Requiem For A Dying Sea.

Todd Stapleton